Maureen Walters

I am pleased to write this brief endorsement for Mr. Sven Smienk. For several months in 2018 Sven had my SWB mare in training in order to sell. I cannot begin to say how happy I was with all aspects of the process. With my credentials as an Equine Canada dressage judge, Senior steward , rider and certified coach, my standards are understandably high. I expect a lot from anyone who handles and rides my horses. Not only is Sven an excellent rider, he is a kind and clear horseman. I appreciate this. His lighthearted approach to training made my mare want to please him. 


I trust Sven completely. He always kept me informed of how things were progressing and the training proceeded nicely. 


One of Sven’s strongest attributes is his ability to market. He was always honest in his ads and descriptions of horses. His genuinely charming personality made him very good at dealing with prospective buyers. He has connections near and far and is a respected agent.


Combining the above attributes with a responsible and diligent work ethic, I feel that Sven is a first class rider, trainer, agent and person. I am glad that I had a chance to get to know Sven and wish him the best in all future endeavours. 


Maureen Walters E.C. judge
E.C. Sr Steward E.C. certified coach

Kiersten Humphrey 

Sven is very professional to deal with. He showed a great understanding of the types of clients to bring as a potential good match for my Grand Prix Horse. His attention to detail was evident in the caliber of videos and photos he circulated to promote my horse. Every thing was taken care of in a timely and stress free manner. If you are looking to market your horse, I couldn't recommend his services more.

Kiersten Humphrey FEI Grand Prix competitor

Lauren Macauley

For any adult amateaur rider looking to buy or sell their horse, Sven is an honest and talented horse trainer. I met Sven when looking for my next FEI partner. As a timid rider, I had wanted a quiet but fancy horse and Sven found me the perfect match. He was professional, friendly, and an excellent instructor. Sven even coached us for a few weeks before I brought my horse home, giving us the foundation we needed to excell. Then a year later when I unfortunately had to sell the horse due to my health circumstances, Sven sold him very quickly. He was excellent at communicating with me through the process  and made sure that my horse went to a good home. Sven was invaluable in both buying and selling my horse, I would highly recommend him to any amateaur like me seeking their unicorn.

Linda Watson

Sven is an equine matchmaker of the highest quality. His expertise is unsurpassed not to mention he is a beautiful and kind rider/trainer. He will never pressure you or push you into buying a horse that is not a good match (meaning over face you with a horse that you can’t ride). When I was looking for my new dance partner, I really was not looking for a sport pony, but Sven had a listing and this little guy was not only beautiful but had BIG movement in a small package (I’m a petite rider). I contacted Sven as well as the breeder, Jennifer Travis Arnoldt and met them both at his facility in Langley, BC. I was so nervous trying out an unknown and my reservations of buying a pony. I got on and his trot was huge; I thought I was going to fall off but when I cantered him it felt like heaven and my smile showed it. I went back a second time for a lesson and Sven was so patient with me. It was very productive, reassuring and gave me the confidence that this pony and I were meant to be. Add Sven’s desire to foster a long-lasting partnership and his true caring for both human and equine and you have someone with an exceptional eye for creating a winning team that will excel at whatever level you choose to pursue. Thank you for finding me the perfect partner! It has been 3 years and I am having so much fun with him.

If you are considering selling or buying a horse, I highly recommend Sven Smiek of Sven Smiek Dressage. He is someone you can trust to take excellent care of your horse during the sales process or if you are looking for your next equine partner check out his listings. He has very high-quality dressage horses that are happy in their work and want to please their riders. ---Linda Watson, Edmonds, WA

Barbara Noble

My lovely horse was purchased from Sven.  I feel she was appropriately represented and liked the way Sven helped me test ride her as I am not a highly confident rider.  We've since acclimated to each other and the riding is great.  Sven also helped me without pushing to get the details of the purchase accomplished to my satisfaction.  I would be happy to make another purchase through Sven!

Angela Hale

My trainer suggested asking Sven to prepare and sell my young mare in July 2018. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Within a few days of her arriving at Sven’s facility she was advertised in still photos and video and showings had been booked. My horse was sold to a wonderful home in less than three weeks for my full asking price. Every part of the process was handled professionally with excellent communication. I highly recommend Sven for training and sales!

Amber Dougan Pipe

Being relatively new to the horse world can be very intimidating and you learn that there are many voices and opinions in this world. When I met Sven as a coach he was patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and just what I needed to build my confidence. I purchased a horse with little help as new excited rider and after realizing we needed help I turned to Sven. Sven worked with him for months and he was honest in confirming my apprehension. This wonderful horse was not the horse for me. I was almost ready to give up but Sven has other plans. He had a horse in training and he knew that she would be the perfect girl for me. We worked together for a few months and I am now loving riding and my beautiful mare. I would recommend Sven Smienk for coaching, training and most all purchasing your dream horse. 

Suzanne Dangela

It has been my good fortune to meet Sven Smienk ten years ago.   He has had several of my horses in training over the years and shown two of them to championship level. Sven is a skilled and intuitive rider and horseman.  In addition, I find him to be highly competent, professional, ethical, well prepared, and trustworthy in all his equine related dealings.

Stephanie Bennett

Looking for a new horse sounds like fun in theory, but it can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process. My 16-year-old daughter was in need of a new dressage partner.  We had to pass on more than a few mounts that were not as advertised.  We found a very interesting prospect that Sven was marketing. After communicating with Sven both on the phone and on e-mail, we took a leap of faith and booked our airline tickets for the weekend.  Our trainer wasn't able to accompany us so I was really putting my faith in my daughter’s judgment and was counting on Sven’s expertise.  We were thrilled after the first ride. The horse was exactly as described! A second ride the next day solidified that this was the one. We flew home and Sven handled the rest. Our new guy was vetted and transported within the week. Our horse has been the perfect match and he and my daughter have been very successful on the show circuit.  We are grateful to Sven for being professional, honest, and considerate. If the time comes for a new mount, Sven is the first person I would call!

Anne Draper

Sven has the skill to make every horse he rides look it's best, and his large client base ensures a good match of horse with rider. Sales are handled easily and efficiently, making the sales process pleasant for all parties involved. Training with him is always challenging, productive and fun as well!

Patricia Spencer

I appreciated your integrity and effort during the entire process - from the initial, lengthy phone call when you patiently and enthusiastically answered all my questions to the final day as you stood by with carrots as we loaded onto the trailer to begin our partnership adventure. Your willingness to work with my various requests and to allow me to explore the many aspects I needed to was refreshing. I did not feel any pressure during the time I spent at the barn. It was clear you were looking for a good match between horse and prospective buyer. I was encouraged to see your concern and care for the horse.

Dr. Jeannie Gruber

I never thought I would ever purchase a horse "sight unseen ". Then I saw a horse that was being sold by Sven, and he was everything I ever wanted. There was no way I could get away to look at the horse myself. I  talked with Sven numerous times. There was no pressure...only honesty. And he was an open book as far as the horse was concerned. All previous xrays, awards and everything was shared. My vet looked at the xrays and did his "vet stuff" and said he thought the horse was a good fit. A local vet also talked with my vet. My experience with the sale...and even follow up, has been much better than I could have imagined. For the cherry on the cake, the trainer that I am going to said she spoke to Sven about other horses and found him to be honest...and a good rider/trainer. I love my horse! From the time he walked out of the transport truck,  I knew I had made the right choice. He is my dream horse...unicorn. A big thanks to Sven. 

Alison Martin

Selling my mare with Sven was a clear and easy process.  Having full confidence in Sven, he took care of all the details of the sale as well as providing quality care and riding of my mare until she was sold. Thank you Sven.

Alison Martin FEI Rider/Coach, Canadian High Performance coach, Chef d'Equipe Canadian Silver Medal Dressage Team Pan American Games 2015

Sheryl Williams

I've had many client's buy horses from Sven and have also had horses there to be trained and sold with Sven. The care at the barn is wonderful. Sven is very professional and is always willing to chat about the horses. We have been very happy with all the work he has done and would not hesitate to send him future prospects to train and/or sell.

Sheryl Williams FEI competitor/coach and Equine Canada Dressage "B" Judge

Julie Bloomhall

I wanted to express my personal business experience with Sven Smienk Dressage  to assist you with the process of buying or selling your dressage horse.  I have purchased a horse from him and the service and attention to detail was exceptional.  His training and preparation of horses for sale is second to none.  When a perspective buyer schedules a time to view and test ride a horse that  he represents, they are always braided and professionally presented.  Prospective buyers are treated with respect and never rushed or pushed into making a decision.   


I experienced exceptional training and accountability when selling my warmblood through Sven.  He has a kind and yet consistent way with horses which enables him to get superior results from every training session.  I was very pleased with the results of the sale of my horse as well.

I highly recommend Sven Smienk Dressage for a superior buying or selling experience.   


Good luck to you Sven.  You're a good man and a fine trainer and rider.



Julie Bloomhall

Sherry Kirsch

I cannot say enough about the wonderful job Sven does on the sales and training of horses. I personally have had 4 of my homebred horses sold through Sven and each one found a suitable home. I wish I had met Sven for all the other horses I have sold in the past as his success speaks for itself. On top of that he is an amazing coach that gets the most out of both horse and rider. Thank you for all you do.

Sherry Kirsch Owner/Breeder of Deep Creek Warmbloods

Linda Corcoran

I bought my mare through Sven and he was nothing but professional and charming. He spent lots of time with my coach and I. Presented the horse to us as we wished. On the second day, left us alone with the mare to do what we wanted and then he took her on a "trail ride" around the grounds in the snow, to demonstrate her trail worthiness. Negotiations went smoothly and I got a wonderful horse at a fair price. Sven was most accommodating with the PPE and shipping to USA. My mare is a real gem!

Alesha Meinen

Sending our young horses to Sven was the best decision.


* Sven’s detailed feeding programs are customized to keep my horses looking amazing.

*Sven keeps the horses show and sale ready at all times.

* We own greys and no matter when I stop in at the barn the horses are always clean and ready to go! No set stains!!

*Your horses care comes first! Training plans are tailored to suit your horse. 

* We have sent Sven a laid back, easy going, dressage bred gelding.  Followed by a Spicy, worried, jumper bred mare. Two extremely different rides!!!  The progress Sven has made with both horses has been amazing! Especially with the jumper mare. He has established 2 young horses who are pleasures to ride.

* For anyone looking to break through training Plato’s and move up the levels. Establish ride ability on course, or fine tune a dressage test. Perhaps you have a young horse you wish to provide the best start too. Sven is the person to help you achieve these goals. My experience with two very different horses is a testimony to his versatility as a trainer. I highly recommend Sven as a trainer to anyone looking to move ahead in the horse sport regardless of there discipline. 

Cheryl Downen

I recently bought a 5 year old mare from Sven Smienk in October 2018. He represented the owners in the transaction.


After viewing videos of several horses Sven was representing, I had a few phone conversations with Sven and we talked about what I was looking for, my riding experience and ability in relation to the horses I was inquiring about. Sven took a lot of time to go into detail about the 3 horses I was interested in.


I live in Eagle, Idaho which was quite a long trip so I wanted to get as much information before my husband and I set off on our journey. When we arrived in Langley we were greeted by Sven, I watched him ride and my husband and I were very impressed with his riding ability and his gentle demeanor with the horses. He was very welcoming and hospitable to us, taking the time to walk us through his barn to see all the horses he had for sale. We came back the next day and looked at three horses with the intent of riding them. The first one wasn't quite what I was looking for but then when we saw Smooth Jazz and I rode her under Sven's watchful eye, my husband and I fell in love with her. 3rd day, I rode her again, had her vetted and it was a done deal. 


I cant say enough good things about Sven as a trainer, horseman and gentleman. He honestly represented the beautiful young mare we purchased and he made the whole transaction smooth.  Going to the vet and picking up GastroGard for her travel, helping with all the travels plans into the U.S. etc. We have had Smooth Jazz now for 3 months and she is everything she was represented to be.


My husband and I loved working with Sven and recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a high quality horse.

Judy Tsimon

If you have a horse for sale, or wish to buy a horse appropriate for your needs, I can highly recommend Sven. He is honest, hard working, has a wide circle of contacts, & is a very good rider. He loves horses & is able to place them in good homes across North America. He can advise on price as he is very experienced in the sales market. If you wish to buy a horse he will have a selection for you to try in a safe environment without pressure.  I would have no hesitation to buy or sell a horse through Sven & would highly recommend him.

Vicky Coulon

Finding a horse was a daunting task for me. I am an older adult amateur who keeps my horses at my home. I knew I wanted a quality dressage horse, but I also wanted a horse with which I could develop a special partnership on the ground. I had been looking for about six months when I saw an ad for a horse Sven was selling. I contacted Sven and after talking with me and watching me ride, he helped me find a younger horse than I had anticipated purchasing, but as it turned out, perfect for me. Hemmi has wonderful gaits and a sweet temperament, exactly what I was looking for.

The best part was that I felt Sven had my best interest at heart. He spent time getting to know me as a rider and owner. His knowledge and experience helped make the entire process go smoothly from the beginning to final sale. I am most appreciative!